Trend Micro Scotland -anti-virus protection.

As a Trend Micro Affinity Partner based in Scotland, online-edge is well placed to assist clients in implementing Trend Micro security products.

Secure Your Open Door-The Web opens the door to your business. It helps extend your reach and productivity. But the same email and Internet lifelines that enable ecommerce also expose you to risks. Worry-Free Business Security, powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network stops these web threats before they get in the door with its web threat protection.

Protect your business from emerging Security Threats-Worry-Free Security solutions help protect your PCs, email, website, and network from viruses, spam, spyware, identity theft, and more. You can stay ahead of the dangers from spam, viruses, and web threats-without slowing down your business.

Move from Outdated Systems-Be worry-free from poor performance, lost productivity and unnecessary complexity and effort.
Fast and more frequent updates guarantees all users have the latest security protection.

Why Trend Micro?

Trend Micro is a true expert in Internet Content Security
Since 1988, Trend Micro has had a singular focus: content security. Unlike other companies who become
distracted as they grow into consolidated giants or who are too narrowly focused as point product players,
Trend Micro offers customers the best possible combination of benefits:
• Expertise based on a history of innovation and close to 20 years of experience
• Global reach with a personalized touch
• A comprehensive range of security solutions that work seamlessly together
to minimize complexity and increase security
• Continuous, round-the-clock security coverage by TrendLabsSM
• A track record of customer satisfaction
Trend Micro was named “Top Security Vendor,” beating the competition in “solving the business problem paid to solve”:
#1 Security Vendor with the top scores in all three categories: Value, Reliability, Loyalty
#1 in return on investment of the leading security technology vendors and #1 in “meets quality expectations
NB. Information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.
1 IDC: Worldwide Secure Content & Threat Management 2007-20011 Forecast and 2006 Vendor Shares: 1 + 1 = 4, June 2007
2 CIO Insight’s 2006 Vendor Value Study, December 4th, 2006
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Trend Micro and online-edge in Scotland.

What makes Trend Micro a great choice for Scottish small businesses who wish to improve computer security?

Global IT Security leadership
Close to 20 years strong, Trend Micros' global leadership and financial stability has positioned them as the vendor
with the strongest growth of the top five vendors in the Secure Content and Threat Management market1.
• Trend Micro is the security provider for hundreds of millions of Microsoft TM Hotmail TM users
• Trend Micro continues to work closely with Cisco to incorporate our security services into Cisco’s network infrastructure products
• Trend Micro is one of the largest security providers with a market cap of $5.78 billion
(as of 11/5/07) and 2006 revenues of $727 million
• Trend Micro is a transnational company with operations in over 30 countries

More complete product offering, tighter integration, better security

Trend Micro delivers a comprehensive array of flexible, easy-to-use solutions in a variety of form factors for business and consumers. Their international product development teams have designed complete content security solutions, including Total Web Threat Protection, that combine integrated, best-of-breed technology with maximum flexibility:
• Built-in feedback loops between products and core technologies ensure optimal protection against the latest threats
• Strong in-house core technology leverages a variety of approaches that go beyond static signatures to provide rapid protection from malware, spam, and Web threats.
• More flexible deployment options (services, appliances, software) with strong central management make solution customization easy and reduce the complexity of securing your business

Superior threat research, service, and support
Trend's ability to react to threats and urgent support requests quickly and dynamically is supported by TrendLabs— a network of 1000 threat research, service, and support engineers around the globe.
Constantly innovating and evolving our approach to threats, our award-winning service and support team enables us to help our customers minimize damage, reduce administration costs, and— most importantly— ensure continuity in the face of increasing and ever-changing security threats. And because TrendLabs has engineers located in 15 sites worldwide, we can respond to our customers in real time and provide them the personalized service and support they require.



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