Internet filtering in Scotland

Internet filtering in Scotland- Why should you be interested?
'Cyber-slacking', or in plain language, wasting working time wandering around the web, costing the employer time and money and exposing your network to high levels of risk, such as-
Threats of malware from non-trusted Web sites
Wastage of expensive Internet Bandwidth
Browsing of inappropriate Web content in the workplace
Use of personal emails to send company confidential information

Some recent statistics (courtesy of snapshotspy/SonicWALL)

30 to 40% of Internet use in the workplace is NOT related to business.
64% of employees use the Internet for personal interest during working hours.
30-40% of lost productivity is accounted for by Cyber-Slacking.
Studies show that 70% of companies have had 'Adult' sites accessed using their network.

What is the solution? SonicWALL CFS software or a CSM appliance-

Blocks inappropriate, illegal and harmful content.

Reduces liability and increases productivity.

Reduces malware threats by blocking access to exploited sites.

Enables management, monitoring and control of network bandwidth usage.

Records Web usage behavior for all users on the protected network.

Constantly updated, cloud-based solution.

Manage workplace use of sites such as bibo, facebook, twitter, ebay, amazon, Sky sports, Instant Messenger etc. in moments using SonicWALL.
Full reports can be viewed and used to implement your internet use policies easily and quickly.

SonicWALL provides Two options to control, monitor and manage internet -

1. DEDICATED Content Security Manager (CSM) appliances which provide the ultimate in performance, or

2. Content Filtering Software (CFS) as an optional add-on for existing sonicwall UTM appliances. CFS offers a lower-cost method of controlling the websites that your staff can visit.

For a diagram of SonicWALL's Content filtering Process, Click Here.

sonicwall scotland -firewalls from online-edge

Internet Filtering in Scotland using SonicWALL

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SonicWALL Content Filtering Service-Features and Benefits

SonicWALL CFS process diagram.




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