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Broadband security measures scotland- broadband offers an 'always-on' connection to the Internet. What many users do not realise is that broadband is a TWO-WAY pipeline- while you are sending email or surfing the net, hackers can easily gain access to YOUR unprotected systems, and can cause untold damage to your business. potential risks include, for example-

Broadband systems often have fixed (static IP) public addresses, which provide a stationary target for hackers. Broadband connections are also attractive targets because they provide hackers with fast internet access. However, if you follow the simple security steps shown to the right, you will reduce your risk of attack.
As a Computer Security specialist company based in SCOTLAND, online-edge is able to provide advice, support and installation services suited to small and medium sized organisations. We can assist you in selecting and installing the correct products for YOUR business, and offer friendly and sensible advice to our clients throughout Scotland and northern England.

Unfortunately, broadband can also increase the risk of attack from hackers. That's why good advice is important at the outset. Prevention is cheaper than a cure, and it's more cost-effective to avoid potential security problems than deal with the aftermath of a serious hacker attack. Online-edge has a range of products and services designed to protect your business computer systems and information, including AntiVirus protection, Firewall /UTM appliances and configuration services.
Our key philosophy is to act as a clear channel of communication between you and the technology. In short, 'we understand IT, so you don't have to!'
We hope you find some useful information within the website, and look forward to assisting you in enhancing your effective use of computer technology, broadband and the internet.


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broadband security -4 steps

  1. Get a Firewall or UTM. This is a vital protective measure, and will deter hackers from trying to gain access to your computer network.
    for a single PC, a 'personal firewall' such as Trend Internet Security2009 offers a good level of protection at an affordable price. For networks of PCs, you really need a professional UTM. SonicWALL TZ 100start at just 10 users.
    NSA models manage 100-1000s of users.
  2. Install professional Antivirus software and keep your subscriptions up to date. This includes protecting your desktop PCs, servers and mail gateways. Suitable products include Worry-Free Security from Trend Micro.
  3. Keep Windows system updated. Again, this includes both desktop PCs and Servers. This can be achieved by setting up automatic updates or visiting the appropriate microsoft update website.
  4. CHECK gateway/router configuration of your Broadband/Internet connection. It's not sufficient just to get your system working- the correct security setup must also be created and checked to ensure that hackers are discouraged from gaining unauthorised access.

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Typical small-business secured broadband connection, showing SonicWALL TZ 210 wireless enabled appliance managing both wired and wireless networks.


The widespread introduction of business internet in Scotland, usually with an 'always-on' broadband connection, means higher risk of attack.


The sonicwall UTM appliance sits BETWEEN your network and the internet, monitoring the traffic in and out, protecting your network from unauthorised access/ hacking and the latest blended threats, trojans, spyware etc.

In addition, SonicWALL can manage antivirus on servers and desktops, can help prevent the spread of spyware, and can also control the websites that your staff can visit.

SonicWALL Internet security appliances eliminate the cost and complexity of installing and managing separate devices and software packages for comprehensive security.


Are you spending time and resources dealing with network security issues when you could be growing your business instead?

If so, SonicWALL could be just right for you! Contact online-edge to discuss a FREE SonicWALL evaluation Unit. (Conditions apply.)



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