Email Marketing

An UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH is that MOST visitors to your website will NOT become customers! (At least not on their first visit).

Typically over 90% will drift off, if you don’t give them a reason to stay! 

The GOOD NEWS – Email Marketing and Automation can help.

By providing some initial value, often called a ‘Lead Magnet’,  you can capture contact information and, over time, nurture those visitors and convert them into valuable customers.

Sales Funnel Infographic

A Carefully Constructed automated email sequence can provide a return on investment of 4000% !

It’s vitally important to keep ‘Top of mind’ with clients and potential clients, to remind them of what you do and how you can help them- particularly by providing valuable and interesting information and content.

Existing clients are (almost certainly) the most important asset you have, so it really makes good sense to treasure them to increase loyalty, client retention and the lifetime value of each customer to your business. 

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How Email Marketing Automation can Help-

Keep in touch with clients

Making regular contact with clients (AND Potential Clients) is vitally important for any business.

You can't remember everything!

Trying to remember who to email is an almost impossible task. Much better to have repeatable processes in place to keep your clients informed about how you can help them.

Rapid Market Testing-

Test New Ideas, products and services to gauge levels of interest, and target only interested clients for follow-up. 

automate repeating tasks

Sending Regular updates, interesting and relevant industry news and helpful tips improves your profile with clients.

saved to the cloud

Modern Email Marketing and Automated systems use cloud storage, so your data is always safely stored and accessible.