Copy Writing

Clarify your Message with Straightforward Language.

We are all pressed for time, so it’s vitally important to GET TO THE POINT.
Your website has just a few seconds to attract attention.

Put yourself in the shoes of the client or visitor to your website- is it crystal Clear How you can Help them? 

Here’s a simple method-

  1. WHAT is the client’s PROBLEM-
  2. Explain briefly HOW you can Help-
  3. Specify the ACTION they need to take.

You need to spell out The Problem you can solve for your customer, and What they need to do to move forward. If not, visitors will just hit the BACK button and you may have lost them forever… As an example-

Better to say- ‘Are you worried about Funding your Retirement‘?

Rather than- ‘We can assist you in consolidating your ongoing accumulation of funds for a brighter long-term future’

Then, give clients a Simple Step to get started, typically using a ‘Call to Action’ such as this button below-

We believe in the StoryBrand Method.

What is StoryBrand? Below is a short video from Donald Miller, creator of the world-famous Storybrand Method, widely used by smart marketers and businesses world-wide…