Website Care Plans

What is a Website Care Plan, and Why do I need one?

Quite simply, there are LOTS of Moving Parts in a WordPress Website.

Websites are Definitely Not a ‘Set it and Forget it’ item.

Below is a (short) list of factors and tasks that need to be handled regularly and consistently, in order to keep your website in top form!

  1. WordPress Core Updates– WordPress is used on around a third of ALL websites, so it a target for hackers. Having an ourdates version of WordPress poses a Security Risk.
  2. WordPress Plug-ins– these are additional software components used to add functions to your site. Most WordPress sites have between 10 and 20 plug-ins. These also need updating on a regular basis, to protect the functioning of your site.
  3. Software Billing and Licenses– all need to be kept up to date and paid for, otherwise your website could stop functioning.
  4. Security– most active websites are subject to hacking attacks. Security mechanisms such as Firewalls are necessary to protect your site.
  5. Website Hosting– costs for hosting can vary widely, as can the quality! Support from your hosting company will also depend (Partly) on the fees they charge, and how well these fees are invested in server infrastructure and support staff. 
  6. Updates to Website Content– if you are not a website expert, it can be confusing to remember all the access details and the process for adding minor updates to the content of your site.
  7. Backup and Recovery– Should the worst happen, and your website stops working, we create daily backups, to quickly get your site back up and running!

Website Care and Maintenance Plans-

A WISE investment with Peace of Mind...

Website Maintenance

Online-edge can take care of all of these areas for you, enabling you to concentrate on running your business!